Airline, Airport Aspects of Security Wrapping


  • Customer Relations are Enhanced

Mert Global Co. Ltd offers an excellent add-on service for passengers, as well as offering a control service for bulky, poorly packaged or otherwise difficult baggage. By simultaneously weighing and wrapping bags, Mert Global Co., Ltd. can remove check-in complaints and difficulties.

  • Improved Security

Bags cannot be tampered with after check-in without visible signs and destruction of the identifying label. This is particularly valuable when bags are destined for or transiting airports where pilfering occurs.

  • Insurance Claims Reduced

By protecting bags from tampering, pilfering and damage from oil, dust and inclement weather, claims can be dramatically reduced.

  • Tracking Misdirected Baggage

Baggage tracing is facilitated by Mert Global Co.Ltd – using the unique barcode placed automatically on the wrapping in a single 30 second process.

  • Seamless Worldwide Service

Mert Global Co.Ltd. services will be available worldwide, allowing a standard, high quality product at all major airports. Where alliance partners are involved, inter-airline standardisation is greatly improved.


  • Automation is improved

By greatly reducing the number of burst bags, or snagging, automated systems are enhanced, leading to less stoppages and requiring lower maintenance.


  • Down time on baggage conveyors is reduced

Even in non-automated systems, spilled and awkward bags create delays, which can often be avoided by using the Mert Global Co. Ltd. wrapping system.


  • The baggage wrapping can be used as part of an integrated security system

As bags wrapped in this way are totally sealed and tamper resistant (evidence of interference is immediate, as special automatic labelling displays obvious marks) off

  • airport check-in security is greatly improved

Where off airport check-in is used, airport authorities can use baggage wrapping as an integral part of its security system. The wrapped bags cannot be tampered with and are identified individually by unique reference markings.


  • Mert Global Co.Ltd’s. wrapping system is a turnkey airline baggage wrapping service, providing a secure, tamper-resistant, protective layer around bags and suitcases;
  • Mert Global Co.Ltd. offers a quality controlled, executive passenger service, using well trained staff, skilled in baggage handling and passenger relations;