Packing Service


Introduction of the Service

Nowadays, the safe and reliable transfer of passenger’s baggage is a fundamental requirement of air-travel.

Aimed at above purpose, MERT GLOBAL Ltd has developed and produced its safety packing machine specially adopted to airport usability and functions together with a system of different wrapping methods matching the requirements in different places.

MERT GLOBAL Ltd. provide a high value, quality-controlled, baggage protection service for use at airports around the world. By wrapping around passenger’s baggage in a tough, plastic film  prior to baggage check-in it provides a service that benefits airlines, passengers, airports and security providers alike. The benefits of this service ensure that it will become an integral component of future automated baggage handling systems. In addition it will likely become an indispensable service for premium passengers around the world.

The machines produced in Hungary are in operation based on joint venture agreements. MERT GLOBAL LTD’s state-of-the-art and unique baggage security wrapping system has been successfully applied in many countries on international airports, such as: Hungary, Russia, the Ukraine, Moldavia, China, Vietnam and Indonesia.

Advantages of using the Service

The Benefits of the baggage wrapping service are numerous and include:

  • Cost savings through reduced claims for damaged baggage
  • Baggage system efficiencies improved by reducing likelihood of baggage snagging or bursting
  • It protects against scrapes and minor damages
  • Security for passengers and airlines as potential for tampering is significantly reduced
  • Protects expensive baggage, particularly valuable soft items
  • Protects baggage from contaminants and inclement weather
  • Dramatically decreases pilferage as removal and replacement of the wrapping can easily be detected
  • It provides hygienic protection
  • Airline/passenger customer relations improved as confrontations at the check-in desk due to overweight bags and/or poor quality baggage is avoided.