Mert Global Ltd started its activity in 1992. The company have been dealing with the production, sales and operation of safety baggage wrapping machines specially used at airports, hotels, railway and vessel stations offering the service of safety packing and insurance for the passangers in partnership with Uniqua Insurance Company.

The safety wrapping machines produced by Mert Global Ltd due to the high technological demand can be operated in combination with mobile facility always at the actual spot either at international airports or hotels. In case the machine cannot be placed in lack of room inside a hotel the service can be applied by a specially constructed small van in front of the hotel.

We introduced the system at Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport in August 2000, but since then our machines have been operating in Moscow, Kiev and Kishinov, too. The service started first in Indonesia in 2004, the same year we set up a majority owned joint venture in China for the introduction of the service on international and domestic airports. We managed to sign a long term cooperation contract in Vietnam, the year of 2005 as a result of it our machines have been working with success at local international and domestic airports there, too. In 2015 we have started to negotiate with 4 and 5 star hotels and Changi International Airport in Singapore for the application of the service in hotels as well as at the airport.